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Chemo Side Effects

A guided imagery audio program to effectively reduce treatment side effects from chemotherapy for cancer such as: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, body aches, etc. and also to increase inner calm, positive attitude and personal empowerment. Using guided imagery was profoundly helpful to me to reduce treatment side effects, and live life more fully and comfortably, as I moved through cancer treatment and recovery. I created these guided meditations to help you tap into your inner healing resources, and bring your best to treatment, healing and recovery processes.

Total time:  65:00?


Guided Imagery for Stress Relief

Meditations on this album set include:

Instructions and Suggestions (Time - 6:01)

My Intentions for Treatment (Time - 14:00)

My Healing Place (Time - 15:44)

Disconnect from Treatment Side Effects (Time - 10:56)

Working with my Treatment (Time - 14:34)

Stop Nausea Now (Time - 7:40)

Affirmations for Healing (Time - 8:44)