The Cancer Liberation ProjectJane joins Hayley Dubin on the Cancer Liberation Project podcast to talk about faith, the importance of tapping into energy to help with difficult times, the many benefits of guided imagery (including reduction in pain and nausea), and what her plastic surgeon told her that changed the way she looked at chemotherapy. They even explored a guided imagery that you can go back to in stressful times.

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Free Guided Imagery for Stress Relief

Given the level of stress that we are all experiencing during the pandemic, I am offering free guided imagery tracks to help you relieve stress and live well. Feel free to listen to these tracks as often as you wish. New tracks will be posted weekly. More guided imagery can be found in the library. Subscriptions are free for 14 days.

May you be well, may you be happy, and may you be peaceful now and always.

Jane Ehrman, MEd, RCHES, ACHT

Autogenic Training

This guided meditation is especially helpful for deeper relaxation and even to help you let go of the day and drift off into deep, restful sleep.

Enhancing the Immune System

This 17-minute guided imagery is helpful when you're feeling well, and when you're feeling sick, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This track also includes support for recovery from joint, organ, and tissue replacement - generally covering all the bases, no matter your situation. Your immune system has a variety of powerful immune cells that protect you from harmful organisms, including viral and bacterial infections. It takes cues from you. When you're stressed out, it isn't able to do its best work. But when you make space throughout your day to be calm and peaceful, it is much more efficient. Research shows that guided imagery helps the immune system rebalance, and that's the goal of this guided imagery.

Guided imagery for better self-care

Guided imagery has been clinically researched for 50+ years. It is included in many medical institutions and wellness centers as a gold standard integrative modality to aid in the treatment of many health issues. It also helps enhance performance in academics, athletics and performing arts.

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About Jane Ehrman

Her journey to wellness

In 1988 Jane Ehrman was told she had a 35% chance of beating an aggressive form of breast cancer. That was then.

Today, Jane celebrates life by teaching others how to use those same powerful mind-body tools and techniques that she learned to help her, not only survive, but thrive!

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Best speaker I've heard in decades. I was engaged the whole time.

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Because of the techniques I learned from you, I had a very enjoyable birthing experience.

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I had the wonderful experience of an easy surgery, thanks to your guided meditations.