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Minute Meditations

A collection of 8 guided imagery meditations to relieve stress and enhance wellness. There are meditations to fit a variety of needs all in this one album. Some meditations take just a few minutes to help you center and calm yourself. Others are longer, more involved meditations to help you to release fatigue, aches and pains, re-energize, deepen the relaxation response, and even fall asleep.

Total time:  72:13


Self-Hypnosis Meditations

Meditations on this album set include:

Sighing Breath Meditation (Time - 4:11)

Transforming Energy Meditation (Time - 5:12)

The Cocoon of Light Meditation (Time - 9:22)

The Power Nap (Time - 11:10)

My Special Place (Time - 9:46)

Passive Relaxation (Time - 17:10)

Inviting Deep, Restful Sleep (Time - 9:56)