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Knee Surgery

Offers guided imagery for knee replacement surgery. These guided meditations will help you create positive intentions for your surgery experience. Expected results include: Increased relaxation, reduced bleeding, fewer complications and faster healing. The music, composed by Fred Croce, lifts you through these healing meditations with grace, comfort, and inspiration. Tracks include instructions for use pre-op, intra-op, post-op, recovery, rehabilitation and deep relaxation.

Total time:  1hr 38:59


Self-Hypnosis for Surgery

Meditations on this album set include:

Deep Relaxation (Time - 15:40)

A guided meditation to help release stress and bring you to a state of deep relaxation and comfort.

Guided Imagery after your Knee Surgery (Time - 22:49)

This guided meditation will increase comfort, promote healing, and faster recovery in the early days after surgery.

Guided Imagery the Day of and During Knee Surgery (Time - 25:21)

Listen to this track the day of surgery, while waiting to go into surgery, during surgery and in the recovery room, to enhance calm, comfort, and to reinforce positive outcomes after surgery.

Prepare for your Knee Surgery (Time - 29:25)

Will help you prepare for successful surgery in specific and helpful ways, such as: creating positive intentions for your surgery experience, increasing relaxation and calm, reducing bleeding, balancing the immune response, fewer complications, and faster healing.

Instructions and Suggestions (Time - 5:44)

Important and helpful information to enable the listener to obtain the best possible outcomes from these meditations.