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Healing Trauma

This program provides a series of guided meditations to assist in the healing and recovery process from post-traumatic stress. It includes specific meditations to: Effectively manage intrusive thoughts, feelings and images; reduce anxiety; increase inner calm; and re-frame negative thoughts. These meditations provide a framework for gaining insight, meaning, personal healing and growth from painful life experiences.

Total time:  1hr 45:32


Self-Hypnosis for Trauma

Meditations on this album set include:

Instructions and Suggestions (Time - 7:02)

Important and helpful information to enable the listener to obtain the best possible outcomes from these meditations.

Calming Breath (Time - 20:16)

A guided meditation to reduce anxiety, enhance the ability to center oneself, and deepen the sense of inner calm through focusing on the breath.

My Safe Haven Within (Time - 29:57)

A guided meditation to create and utilize a place within oneself where there is a sense of safety in times of high stress or anxiety. This meditation includes the tools to contain and secure intrusive thoughts, feelings, and images that often negatively impact daily life.

Healing the Landscape of My Heart (Time - 25:45)

This meditation enables the exploration of, and healing from, the wounds of trauma to the body/ mind and spirit that are often experienced in the form of a broken heart.

Healing Affirmations For Healthy Living (Time - 22:32)

This meditation contains a variety of positive affirmations to strengthen the healing process from trauma. It provides the framework to develop and strengthen positive thoughts and beliefs and addresses issues of body/mind and spirit that can empower the person toward a future that is positive and healthy.