Hypnotherapy Practice

“After many years of trying to fix myself, and a few attempts at “talk therapy”, I began to work with Jane Ehrman. Through her help, using guided imagery, I was able to break through defense mechanisms that I had failed to even acknowledge before. This method helped me to recognize and work through many painful issues without any pain, and only a very manageable amount of fear. With Jane’s ability to teach me to use guided imagery, I have become whole. This is something that I had come to believe was not a possibility for me. I truly believe that my work with Jane saved my life, although I can’t say that this experience was enjoyable, I can say that it was satisfying.”
Linda McK.

“When I was robbed at gunpoint and suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome I felt broken, I trusted no one, and could not get this terrible incident to leave my mind. After seeking the services of Jane Ehrman I was able to transform my negative feelings into hope, and my distressing experience was soon forgotten. With her support I have become a much stronger, capable, and confident woman. Thank you Jane!”
Julie Y.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help [Hypnosis/ Guided Imagery]. I fell asleep for the first time ever, on an airplane. On the return trip I started to get nervous because the weather deteriorated, I played your CD and was able to enjoy the rest of my trip. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Charlotte A.

“The work I’ve done with Jane has been transformative in healing old wounds and empowering me to make healthy life choices. Through her calm, steady, loving presence Jane provides a safe space and the skilled guidance necessary for deep inner work. I highly recommend her.”
Anna H.

“I have known Jane Ehrman for over 20 years and have been impressed by her growth and increased maturity both personally and professionally. She is well trained in her chosen field of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Interactive Guided Imagery. More importantly, she has had first hand experience and knowledge from having been a patient with a life threatening disease. She is one who has used the art of Imagery and Hypnotherapy to cultivate healing in her own life. She truly knows the inner struggle of the healing process and what it means to ‘heal thyself’. You will find Jane, as I often have found her, to be deeply intuitive, compassionate, and a loving person. These are the human qualities that open others to the healing potentialities of their own lives.”
David W. Cliness, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor Emeritus
Department of Counseling
Youngstown State University



Guided Meditation Audio CDs

Chemotherapy and Reducing Side-Effects

“I used this CD faithfully every day during chemo, and probably not coincidentally, I had an easier time than I expected, and a much easier time than most other people I know who went through the same regimen. I highly recommend this CD to anyone undergoing chemotherapy.”
Carol S., Detroit, MI

“Your CD has been a godsend for my friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. Thank you for your good work……….Blessings”
Marianne R., Scottsbluff, NE

Knee Replacement Surgery

“I had knee surgery using your CD. I found it especially helpful when going through the pain of rehab. I found I responded extremely well to your recordings.”
N.W., VA

Minute Meditations

“I listen to your Minute Meditations CD most days at work as part of my lunchtime break. It re-energizes me for the afternoon’s work. I also use it at night when I need help falling asleep. I especially like the variety of meditations, some short and helpful and others more involved to help me relax deeper when I have more time.”
Sam R., Philadelphia, PA

Preparing for Surgery

Just wanted to say thank you again; now three years post – cancer and I’m doing well. I’m very grateful to you for your pre-operative hypnosis work for me. The good result I got following my surgery and treatment underscores the benefit and value of the suggestions and guidance. Keep up your good work, Jane.

I enjoyed your Preparing for Surgery CD tremendously! I went into surgery with a very positive attitude, which I conveyed to all the staff. They felt the positive energy too. I feel the healing light and am healing quickly. My gratitude to you!
L.K. Cleveland, OH

“I downloaded your Preparing for Surgery cd and proceeded to listen to it almost every day. Although I had been somewhat skeptical about the whole relaxation and visualization process, I found myself in the days leading up to the surgery feeling very calm and relaxed. The day of the surgery found me a bit more nervous, but still feeling much more calm than I thought I would be. Several of the medical staff commented on my joking manner and appearance of calm and I told them about listening to your guided imagery cd and how I felt I had benefited from it. Thank you again for your answering my questions honestly and for helping me with the guided imagery. I truly believe my surgical experience went as well as it did because of the prep work, I did with your cd. From skeptic to convert!”
BG., Cleveland, OH

“I was terrified of the surgery and the guided imagery program really helped me to focus and relax. It’s been a week since the (hip) surgery and I would never have believed the difference it has made. I have surgical pain, which is nothing compared to the pain I endured every time I stood up and walked, prior to surgery. So, for me, this has been great. Once again, thanks so much!”
DG, Cleveland, OH

Sweet Dreams

“Jane, my boys LOVE your “Sweet Dreams” CD. They play it every night as part of their bedtime ritual. It helps them settle down and fall off to sleep peacefully. Fewer nightmares too! Your voice is so soothing. As soon as they hear your voice and the music they’re ready to sleep. Thanks for making bedtime a happy time in our family.”
Susan V. Richmond, VA

“I love spreading your beautiful comfort to other families in the form of your “Sweet Dreams.” My 11-year-old son and my 8-year-old daughter still ask for “Miss Janie” regularly as part of our bedtime routine. I wish every child could have such nurturing warmth every night.”
Dottie, Cleveland, OH

“Jane: Even when you don’t know it, your calm, soothing voice is still at work putting my children to sleep. Miss Lydia was wired high because of kindergarten, etc. Your CD was the breakthrough strategy tonight! She now looks like the angel that God intended her to be! Thanks!”
Jennifer O, N. Canton, OH

“My son had a difficult time staying in his own bed at night, and was always afraid monsters were going to get him. Listening to Sweet Dreams, he has learned how to use his imagination to calm himself instead of scaring himself. And we have our bed to ourselves again. Thank you, Jane!”
A. Brunswick, OH

“Thank you so much for “Sweet Dreams”. I was up in my daughter’s room listening to the relaxation exercise and enjoying the imagery of the tree so much; I fell asleep!”
EC, Medford, MA

Professional Speaking

Clinical Staff Work/Life Balance Workshop Comments:

“Would love to have this program again. What a great reminder to not burn the candle at both ends!”

“Need to have you back every year to start us out centered!”

“Great humor.”

“Thank you very much for this helpful presentation and guided meditations!”


“Great class. Easy to understand and practical.”

“Very good work with tangible, quick, easy exercises. “

Wellness Retreat Comments:

“This was such a beautiful program! Thank you, I learned so much.”

“I learned how to be at peace.”

“Jane was wonderful. Very well presented. Very personable and a clear message.”

“I have a wonderful day and will be taking home much valuable information. Thank you!”

“Jane was wonderful and perfect for this retreat topic.”

“I liked being able to devote several hours to just thinking about healing and self- care.”

“Jane was very interactive with the group. Her shared experience and knowledge makes this program work.”

“The retreat could not have come at a better time. It was very educational, warm and welcoming.”

Presentation: Creating Life Balance Through Self-Care

“WE LOVE JANE! She was simply AMAZING! Thank you!”
SS&G, Solon, OH

Presentation: Finding Balance in a Medical Life

“I thought this was great and would be great for anyone in the nursing field!”

“This was very helpful & a wonderful course! Thank you!”

“I thought she was fantastic speaker!! She was engaging and insightful.”

“Excellent speaker!”

“Excellent speaker! Great motivator!”

“Excellent job! Could listen to Jane all day!!”

Presentation: Women’s Retreat: “Spirituality: The Key to Healing”

“Jane was excellent! Good speaker. Content was wonderful. Many things I can put to good use.”

“This was beautiful and peaceful. I really enjoyed myself and gained insight into self.”

“This was wonderful, calming, healing and very freeing. Thank you!”

“Warm, friendly, open, inviting. She has a pleasant voice and manner of presentation. She was very connected to her audience.”

“I am really glad I came today. I have a lot of things to think about and ways to handle forgiveness. Thank you.”

“Very relaxing and fun.”

Presentation: Effectively Managing Stress

“Thank you again for coming to our Staff Development Day. People have been coming up to me for the past two days, telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation and the whole day. They feel they can really benefit from the information you gave them, both at work and at home. The day was clearly a success!”
GG, Cleveland, OH

“I have never heard more complements about a meeting/seminar than I did about this one!!! Everyone loved you!! Thank you soooo much!!”
Pathobiology, Cleveland Clinic

“First of all thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful program and experience you provided to the attendees in the nurse leader academy. Feedback from the group was so positive – and many said they wished they had it sooner.
K. Bryant, Nurse Leadership Academy, Cleveland Clinic

“Thank you very much for presenting the Nursing Grand Rounds on Integrative Medicine at Marymount Hospital. Your presentation was very well received by our staff. I received numerous requests (both verbally and written on the evaluations) to ask you to come again.”
DS., Marymount Hosp. Cleveland, OH

“Personally, I feel so fortunate that I was able to introduce you, which allowed me to sit and fully enjoy your presentation. It started my Health Expo morning off on the right foot! I must admit, of all of the feedback I heard that morning on various sessions, all of the ladies that attended “Stress Management” had fabulous things to say about you and your presentation. I know the time went quickly, but the amount of tangible information, in addition to the opportunity to fully experience relaxation through your guided imagery, was just the ticket!”
VP., Laurel School

“Hi Jane, First of all I want to thank you for coming to present in Medina. We so appreciated your expertise and have had many compliments about the presentation and the CDs. I was so pleased that you could come!”
KM., Ella Canavan Elementary School, Medina, OH

Other Speaking Testimonials

“Jane was well received by the Cleveland division of the Opticians Association of Ohio. They have asked to have her back, as she did a very good job of presenting information on stress management and also relaxing the attendees. She kept the attendees attention and they thought she was very entertaining too. I would highly recommend Jane to speak to any group.”
Jim Rump President
Cleveland Division
Opticians Association of Ohio

“I love listening to Janie Ehrman speak! Each time I hear her, I walk away with both more knowledge and more joy! Janie manages to take material that, left in the hands of other, less skilled speakers, might be dry, boring or uninspired. Not Janie. By sharing authentically of herself and her own struggles, I leave knowing how to care for my body and my spirit, and inspiration to do so well.”
Elizabeth Blanchard Hills
Founder, Informed Health Solutions
Phone: 913-897-3195