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Compassion Fatigue – Healthcare, Education, First Responders

You are at risk if you work in the helping professions – Nurses, doctors, social workers; first responders – police, firefighter, EMTs; education (teachers, aids, administration); clergy and pastoral care; and media.

Compassion Fatigue is taking on the emotional burdens of those for whom you serve. Feeling helpless to make a positive difference, feeling overwhelmed by the work you do, care you give, or feeling drained physically and emotionally. At these times, caring for you becomes a low priority.

Presentations: *60 – 90min presentations, ½ and full day retreats.

*I work with professional groups to provide continuing education credits for these presentations.

Presentations include evidence-based, cutting-edge information on:

  • Signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout.
  • Cost to individual and employers.
  • Learn effective tools and practices for prevention and/or recovery.
  • The ½ day and full day retreats include creating an action plan for individuals and teams.

Contact Jane for details and pricing.

What others said about this Program:

  • Morning and afternoon were very worth the time.  Plus it was a form of self-care.
  • Very helpful with recognizing the need to educate staff.
  • Appreciated the ability to brainstorm and identify problems, causes, barriers, and solutions.
  • Really engaging, easy to have discussions during presentations.
  • Jane was excellent! Thanks for today.
  • This was great from start to finish.  Thank you!
  • Burn out and compassion and fatigue are important issues.  I really appreciate the acknowledgement that individuals are also responsible for their compassion fatigue and burnout.  The institution and managers can’t fix everything for staff.
  • Great retreat.  Really appreciate it.
  • Great Retreat!  Very informative and beneficial.

This retreat was for the clinical leadership staff at Huntsman Cancer Hospital (HCH). The morning sessions focused on understanding compassion fatigue, the impact on professional caregivers and giving participants time to create an action plan for personal self-care. Staff members also participated in yoga, learning several poses to release stress and tension. The afternoon session was a facilitated discussion on how to best address the challenges front line staff face. Participants created a framework for program development to prevent front line staff from experiencing compassion fatigue and burnout at Huntsman Cancer Hospital.

Here’s a picture of professional staff at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital compassion fatigue daylong retreat.


Huntsman Cancer Institute
The University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah


Stress Relief and Productivity:

Time to Chill ‘n Refill – Stress Relief and Productivity

Learn evidence-based, easy-to-use methods to break out of negative thinking, increase productivity, improve creative problem-solving and begin to rewire your brain for greater responsiveness. Participants will recognize the value in making space in their day to re-energize more effectively. This presentation includes a guided relaxation experience.

A 60min presentation – a great option for professional development or a lunch & learn session.

What others said about this presentation:

  • I was skeptical at first, but it’s actually had a positive impact on my mood.
  • Having this at the office was great.
  • Jane was very knowledgeable about the topics discussed.
  • I’m really glad we did this.
  • I really enjoyed it.

More Presentations –

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What others said about these presentations:

  • Would love to have this program again. What a great reminder to not burn the candle at both ends!
  • Need to have you back every year to start us out centered!
  • Great humor.
  • Thank you very much for this helpful presentation and guided meditations!
  • Great class. Easy to understand and practical.
  • Very good work with tangible, quick, easy exercises.