Guided imagery for better self-care

Guided imagery has been clinically researched for 50+ years. It is included in many medical institutions and wellness centers as a gold standard integrative modality to aid in the treatment of many health issues. It also helps enhance performance in academics, athletics and performing arts.

Jane's Upcoming Calendar

Aug. 13, 2019 - American Canyon, CA
Donaldson Way Elementary

Oct. 12-19, 2019 - Captiva Island, FL
Cleveland Clinic’s, Women’s Wellness Week

About Jane Ehrman

Her journey to wellness

In 1988 Jane Ehrman was told she had a 35% chance of beating an aggressive form of breast cancer. That was then.

Today, Jane celebrates life by teaching others how to use those same powerful mind-body tools and techniques that she learned to help her, not only survive, but thrive!

Guided meditation library

Subscribe to my ever-expanding library of guided meditations to assist you in your healing journey. You'll find individual meditations and complete albums that lead you through the many aspects of recovery, healing and wellness

What people are saying

Workplace Wellness

Best speaker I've heard in decades. I was engaged the whole time.

Private Clients

Because of the techniques I learned from you, I had a very enjoyable birthing experience.

Meditation Library

I had the wonderful experience of an easy surgery, thanks to your guided meditations.